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Welcome! Join me on my musical journey! As a subscriber, you become a part of my creative process as it unfolds. May this music be an inspiring and pleasant companion for you. A companion that wants to travel with you, throughout waking dreams and personal practices, beautifully serving any creative and healing processes.
You will be a part of a joint effort to bring beauty and healing art into our lives.

As a multidimensional musician and yogi, Michal channels light through music. He offers a unique sound healing experience, blending restorative yoga with the healing vibrations of live cello and more. The melodies and ideas for all the music come from lush dreamscapes and the present moment.

This music wants to travel with you, throughout your own waking dreams and personal practices, beautifully serving any creative and healing processes seamlessly.

"May it be an inspiring & pleasant companion for you, as it is for me. As a subscriber to my channel you can download all my new work as soon as it is released and you will also gain access to a large bonus collection of previous recordings.
In terms of content you will find here mostly my own original music although every now and then I will also include something from the classical repertoire or a collaboration with another artist. Recently I have enjoyed performing as a multi-instrumentalist so in addition to solo cello music you will find here cello pieces with other instruments recorded track by track or sometimes even more contemporary creations with sampled or electronic sounds in addition to the cello.
My intention for this music is to bring something you can look forward to with joy and curiosity into your daily life. I hope you enjoy this flow of inspiration."

Listen while practicing yoga, massage and other healing arts, creative movement and dance, cooking nourishing food, commuting, spending time with family and of course, on your meditation pillow.


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